FinLine 2018 in English

FinLine 2018

Reserve already now the week for the next FinLine skating event!

This time FinLine will be skated mostly in the Central Finland and North-Eastern Pirkanmaa. In that area, the land gradually rises and becomes hillier. At the same time, the proportion of cultivated land decreases, and forest and heath become increasingly dominant. Lakes surrounded by the forests will naturally give us unforgettable swimming experiences.

Because this year we do not have our hands tied for a specific theme or route, we will be able to optimize the day-trips better so that they will be mostly around 60…80 kilometers. This will give us more time in the evenings. We currently work on finding the best possible accommodation and spa services at reasonable price.

Large carnivorans like wolves and brown bears will not be met while skating (hopefully), but the zoo in the city of Ähtäri is famous for the Finland’s panda bears (they will arrive there just for summer 2018).

Other towns on route are known e.g. for open-air museums telling about the life in the area during the Stone Age and in 1800′s. We will work also on finding more sights to visit while skating and during the evenings – FinLine shall be an experience not only for the body but also for the soul!

Event Schedule

Skating on FinLine 2018 will both start from and end in Jyväskylä. The bus will start from Helsinki on Sunday morning July 8th and skating will finish in Jyväskylä on Friday July 13th. The return to Helsinki will be on Saturday July 14th with an estimated arrival time in Helsinki around 4 p.m.

Preliminary day-trips are as follows (minor changes possible depending on where we find suitable accommodations):
Jyväskylä – Laukaa 34 km
Laukaa – Saarijärvi 65 km
Saarijärvi – Ähtäri 71 km
Ähtäri – Ruovesi 75 km
Ruovesi – Jämsänkoski 74 km
Jämsänkoski – Jyväskylä 55 km

What does it cost? What is included?

The participation fee will most likely be 150 €, including the services of the bus, snacks, transportation of your equipment during the skating, a technical t-shirt, and the bus transportation from Helsinki to Jyväskylä and back to Helsinki. In addition, you have to pay the membership fee 25 € of Street Gliders.

Furthermore, there are the costs of the dinners and accommodations (including breakfasts), about 40 – 70 € per day, and your own lunch and snack costs during skating.

Registration and Additional Information

Because we want to maintain the cozy small event feeling of FinLine and in order to find suitable accommodations for the group, the number of participants is limited to 30. The official registration will start early 2018 but with this letter, we give you a chance to the reserve a place on the tour and mark this event already in your calendar.
The registration form can be found on

If you have any questions, please contact or directly the organizing team members:

Bosse Sjöblom, +358 50 350 9742,
Merja Lumme, +358 50 5577 737,
Panu Tuominen, +358 50 308 0223,

Hope to see you next summer!
The FinLine organizing team