FinLine 2021 in English

Some FinLine 1996 skaters on the top of Koli (Photo: Johan Korhonen)

Registration for this exceptional skating event is now open!

The annual FinLine skating event will take place for the 29th time in August 2021. The tradition started in 1992 with a weekend skate from Jyväskylä to Helsinki. Since then FinLine has become a one-week-event, with a different route every year.

While we had to cancel FinLine 2020 because of travel restrictions – FinLine is not a FinLine without any international skaters – we are (still) hopeful that traveling to Finland will be possible in August.

We had great plans for the last summer and in order to optimize the work done by volunteers, why not to re-use our existing plans? So, after visiting the Swedish-speaking western coastline in 2019, FinLine 2021 will be skated in the wilderness of North Karelia, in the huge backwoods with bears and wolves split by the Russian border.

If you are interested in FinLine 2021 event – please read the registration instructions (link below) and – in addition – do not forget to make a register yourself! While no-one can really know what the situation will be two months ahead, it would be sad if we would need to cancel the event already now just because of too few registered participants.

Registration is now on-going for a very limited time. For the registration and payment, see:

If you have any open questions or comments, please contact us through

Hoping to see you next summer!
The FinLine organizing team
Vidhuran, Leea, Kaisa, Anne, Panu, Ilpo ft. Ari

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