English Summary

Street Gliders Finland is the first club in Finland specialized in in-line skating. From the beginning we have been foreskaters for people interested in in-line skating. Our activities include:

  • city tours on skates
  • urban orienteering
  • night skating events
  • long distance skating
  • in-line skating instructing and consulting

Street Gliders Finland arranges in-line skating tours to cities in Finland and Europe. The main summer event of Street Gliders is the FinLine long-distance skating event. The skating distance is between 300 and 500 kilometres. Skating displays and many kinds of informational events are included in these tours.

You can join Street Gliders on Wednesdays at the Paavo Nurmi Statue:

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If you are at the main railway station with your skates, you can reach the meeting point by skating via Töölönlahdenkatu to the Finlandia Hall, and then through the Hesperia park to the National Opera (the distance is about two kilometers). We meet at 6 pm. The skating distance is chosen to match Your interest and experience.

Skating is at your own risk. Wearing a helmet is required.


More information about the Wednesday Skates

How do I know beforehand that I’ll be able to skate fast enough?
We have agreed that we adapt your speed to the slowest skater skating with us. We probably have so much to speak with foreign tourists that the speed will not be any problem!

Note that Helsinki is not a completely flat city (but far from San Francisco). Ability to brake is necessary because it is not possible to avoid all downhills. However, if you do not like downhills, we do our best to avoid them when choosing the route.


It is possible that there are no skaters starting? How can I know this beforehand?

Wednesday Skates have no assigned leaders. Everyone, including active skaters, may come or not to come. So, it is possible that there are no skaters starting some day, especially if the weather is not sunny and warm. Also during the common Finnish holiday season (July) there are less skaters in the city.

Check the dates in Street Gliders’ event calendar (in Finnish, but look at the dates). If there is another event in the same day, there may not be enough skaters for this daily skating tour. During spring (before May) and autumn (after August) confirm the start beforehand. When you are skating with us, ask our mobile phone numbers. Active skaters are pleased to give their numbers. Then you can confirm the start next time.

Many local skaters really enjoy showing Helsinki sights and skating routes by skates. Therefore if you are going to visit Helsinki as a skate tourist, it is a good idea to inform Street Gliders by email (info@katukiitajat.fi) well beforehand. This helps in meeting language-skilled local skaters at the starting point.


Do I have to be a member in your club? Do I have to pay something?

Wednesday Skates are free and open for everyone who can skate, without any beforehand registration. You do not need to be a skillful skater – also novices are always welcome!

We skate according to the traffic rules and at our own risk. This is the funniest way to have a sightseeing in Helsinki. There is no other way to see so much details in the large Helsinki area. A few hours tour may take you to the city center, sea, fields, and forests.

So take your skates with you for your next business or holiday trip to Helsinki!